Blackyoto was founded in 2013 by Brit born, German based, Jeremy Mcalpine.

The forward thinking brand was born out of upcycling iconic military surplus, overdyed at the finest traditional Japanese dyer, Kyoto’s Montsuki Co, with the blackest of black dyes, black oxide. 

The collection is comprised of workwear and military clothing, including camo coats, Kendo jackets, vintage judo suits and mesh T-shirts. Also known for its vintage women’s lingerie, which is completely reimagined and contemporized when overdyed in deepest black, with items ranging from turn of the century French petticoats, and Bavarian lace trimmed bloomers, to the finest antique silk tulle and glass beaded evening gowns.

Items are sourced throughout Europe, from Germany to the Czech Republic. Passionate about the quality of well designed vintage garments, the brand relish in the concept of reintroducing forgotten garments back into use.


( Free 3 days speed post delivery for order over 400 US dollars )