Misomber Nuan

Misomber Nuan is devoted to creating a façade none other than to communicate the duality of the human psyche, the universality of such an existence. The aesthetic aims to provoke an upsetting and resetting of the stasis between the precise craftsmanship of the garments and the emotional representation of the inexplicable sense of eeriness.

Our methodology begins with disturbing the premise underlying elements prevalent in conventional cuts and with deliberating on neglected subtleties. Visually provocative details in the collection are symbolic references of atypical human behaviour embedded within the human psyche. Their gradual surfacing to the façade conveys the process of coming to terms with one’s vulnerability and resignation to an order beyond one’s control.

Composed of abstracted illusive thoughts, "Misomber", an interpretation of the dismal human psyche and "Nuan", a veiled presence of the designer together craft a vision that is the reflection of emptiness and void, hidden details, mysterious veils, strong emotions and finally, the desire to connect subliminally with the audience.

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